Writing 201: Poetry (Day 5 — Map, Ode, Metaphor)



Massive Action Plans ~ MAPs!

Some say, we ALL do a reconnaissance of our journey
before a single cell arrives in the womb!

I never would have chosen THIS Super Highway without the proper, protective equipment.
I screech along like a loaded city bus on rims!

I don’t even have a warning device;
no horn, no flashers, no bright orange emergency triangle,

I offer the sweetest “Ode to MAPs” so meticulously drawn
that no one ever, anywhere, at any time, ever beCOMES – LOST!

Yes, I offer “Ode to MAPs” showing the true typography of the land
yet never swallows a single soul down craggy ravines or cracked
and ravaged deserts!

I arrived WITHOUT “a Plan”!  So Ode to MAPs that lead to treasures leading someone, somewhere, smiling; for I am told they DO exist!


Photo and Poem, © Reneé Marie, 8 OCT 2015


Writing 201: Poetry (Day 4: Imperfect, Limerick, Enjambment)


Broken is the New Beautiful

If OUR “good intentions” could       save        it all;

precious      things,                  they always fall.

Of course       I “trust”

and “hope”,    WE must

but do            YOU,                  in truth recall?


Broken is the New Beautiful

Broken is the New Beautiful, Dec 2014,

poem and photo, © Reneé Marie, 7 OCT 2015


Nibble-Yer-Scribble cookies4peace

“If you’re in a quibble, just nibble on yer scribble and have a party cookie good time” (c) NYS cookies4peace (TM).                                                                                                  I am – to the core: a Social Purpose Entrepreneur (conscientious capitalism), Artist, Poet, Volunteer Peace Representative (worldpeace.org), Army Reserve Medical Service Corps Officer, Speech-Language Pathologist (M.S. CCC) and Certified Mediator.  My Gallup Strengths are:

1. Woo
2. Strategic
3. Communication
4. Responsibility
5. Individualization

I want to bring Nibble-Yer-Scribble to market and I recognize the need for strategic team members with strengths in: finance, social media marketing, specialty food supply & distribution.  I envision aligning this product with Walt Disney Resorts, Chuck E. Cheese’s and Toys R Us…  However, this product is also intended to become the primary funding source for The Peace Pole Garden Project.  Email if interested, renee.scribbles@gmail.com