I want to extend my deepest gratitude to the founders of Veteran Women Writers.  The one-day retreats and three-day weekends offer such a welcoming sense of community where being a female, combat veteran is simply accepted.  I appreciate that the groups are facilitated by women veterans and civilian helpers.  This allows me to feel connected with a unique sense of “Sisterhood” safety.  The writing prompts have helped me to reconnect with events and emotions in ways that help me to see the challenges that I have faced with courage and resolve.  Because this group allows for a somewhat fluid schedule and is not a writing “therapy” or “critique group, I feel more inclined to risk emotional vulnerability.  Being with other women veterans to share in the activities provided by Veteran Women Voices has me feeling confident to write my memoir and longing for this opportunity to gather on a monthly basis.

In Gratitude,

Major Reneé Marie, USA Retired, 2017
OEF ‘10 Combat Command Veteran
Sacramento, CA