Four Hands

When I was just a thought in Someone’s mind;
did you, “Someone” know just what that meant?
Perhaps you joined for pleasure you might find;
They join, disjoin, That Seed so hasty sent!

Then I arrived all wet and softly crying.
You introduce Me to this World forever s t r e t c h i n g . . .
Four-Hands then pass Me, still denying;
their Two-Mouths never usher out a blessing!

It’s “okay now” and let my “Strong Bones” B R E A K;
let me rise and fall to know those “deeper smiles”.
Sure, lovingly and all “for learnings sake”,
send Me out to walk cold roads for m i l e s . . .

I learned where Fire-Burns and I will not go.
Four-Hands will not reap from Me what they did sow!

© Reneé Marie 15 OCT 2015